Women's Cerakote Olympic Bar - 35 lbs.

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Product Details
Weight 35 lbs.
15.87 kg
Length 75.91 in.
1982 mm
Loadable Sleeve Length 12.59 in.
320 mm
Shaft Diameter 1.1 in.
28 mm.
Bushings Bronze
Max Load 700 lbs.
317.51 kg
Grip Surface Spring Steel
Coating/Seal Cerakote Rust-resistant
Custom color
Knurling Dual-Grip
No Center

The Troy Fitness Women’s Cerakote Olympic Bar delivers great performance and durability you can depend on. Bronze bushings, which provide a frictionless spin, reduce wear and tear. The Cerakote coating prevents rust and maximizes the life of this bar. The custom color options also allow schools to show their pride with a variety of chip-free color options. These olympic bars are designed and built for any Athletic or Commercial Facility.


  • Available in 35 lbs.
  • Variety of Cerakote color finish options
  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Custom logo available
SKU Cerakote ID Model/Color

AOB 1200C-H-141


Troy Blackwing Cerakote Women's Olympic Bar Pink

AOB 1200C-H-146


Troy Blackwing Cerakote Women''s Olympic Bar Graphite Black

AOB 1200C-H-175


Troy Blackwing Cerakote Women''s Olympic Bar Robin’s Egg Blue

AOB 1200C-H-167


Troy Blackwing Cerakote Women''s Olympic Bar USMC Red

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