Troy Urethane 12-Sided Dumbbells (Custom Logo)

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Handle Grip Size: 34mm

Handle length: 5.5"

Product Options: Round “T” Clog design. (Custom Logo only)

Available in:
5 lb. through 150 lb. in 5 lb. increments.
.5 lb. sizes from 7.5lbs. up to 52.5 lbs. (5lb increments)
Laser Engraved CUSTOM LOGO Available (See Custom Urethane Engraving portal)

Product Description: Our stylish 12 sided Solid Steel, Polyurethane encased dumbbells represent the best in class, commercial grade product of its kind being manufactured today.With a sleeve design that extends through the head of the dumbbell and is permanently welded, the structural integrity is unsurpassed. The uniform 34mm Solid Steel hard-chrome handle with its precision machined, medium knurl makes each size dumbbell from the smallest to largest, as durable as it is comfortable to use.

Note: To preserve and protect the urethane surface, use only with one of the below racks.

Recommended Racks: DR-10, DR-15, GTDR-3 or another Troy approved rack.

About Troy Custom Urethane Engraving:

All TSD-UL Custom Logo Dumbbells are laser cut urethane. This ensures high quality design that endures the toughest workouts. Learn more about our Custom Logo Equipment.


[lang="es"]Mancuerna de Uretano Troy de 12 lados


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Producto /Peso del producto: por solicitud de pedido

Opciones del producto:

Disponible en: 5 libras asta 150 libras en incrementos de 5 libras. También disponible en incrementos de 2.5 libras hasta 52.5 libras

Descripción del producto: Pesa de 12 lados echa de acero sólido, cabeza encajonada de uretano ajustada a presión y soldada con manijas de 34 mm rectas de acero de cromo duro.
*** logotipos personalizados disponibles ***
Por favor, vea la pestaña URETANO PERSONALIZADO GRABADO en la barra de menú lateral.


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