Functional Training Med Balls Pack

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Product Description: Build core body strength throughout the range of motion with our new VTX functional training balls. Our Med Ball Pac includes our GMBR-6 rack equipped with 6 of our VTX Medicine Balls.The rugged, rubberized shells on our med balls are thicker, making them ideal for forcibly bouncing on a hard surface floor, throwing against a solid wall or our VTX rebounder/trainer (G-REB). Each ball has a finely textured surface for a sure, reliable grip while handling. Our VTX Medicine Ball Rack (GMBR-6) offers the perfect storage solution.

Package includes:

  • 6 Tier Medicine Ball Tower Rack (GMBR-6)

Shipping weight: 15 lbs.

  • 6 VTX Medicine Balls*:

Available in 6 different color schemes by size:
4lb - Green Diameter: 17.8cm
6lb - Yellow Diameter: 22.8cm
8lb - Red Diameter: 22.8cm
10lb - Orange Diameter: 22.8cm
12lb - Purple Diameter: 22.8cm
15lb - Blue Diameter: 27.5cm

Product Features:

Thick, rugged shell
Textured grip
Bright, color coded numbers
"Retail Ready" display boxes
Product/Shipping Weight: Varies by size.

* Each ball is packaged in an attractive, stackable “retail ready” display box.

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