5 Ft. Olympic Bar

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: GOB-60B

Bar Dims
Overall Length: 60”
Shaft Length: 37"
Loadable Sleeve Length: 7.5"

Finish: Black painted
Knurling: Light
Weight Capacity: 300lbs
Shaft Diameter: 28mm
Sleeve Design: Bolt
Bushings: Steel

Bar Weight: 26 lbs.

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Black only

Product Description: Our 5’ Olympic bar is a popular choice of homes and gyms, alike. The shorter length and lighter weight make it a great training bar for exercises such as straight arm curls, upright rows, triceps extensions, squats, walking lunges and more. It has a durable, black painted finish and is compatible with virtually all brands of Olympic style plates.


[lang="es"]Barra Olímpica 5'

Item SKU: GOB-60B

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Peso del producto / de envío: 25 libras. Longitud de la barra: 5 pies.

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Descripción del producto:
La barra olímpica USA de 5' es una opción popular para los gimnasios en casa. Lleva una garantía de 90 días, tiene un acabado negro y se encaja a nuestros platos Olímpicos.


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